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Can't respond fast enough?

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Does completing RFPs, Contracts or Due Diligence questionnaires seem to take forever?

Do you find responding to due diligence questionnaires overwhelming?

Facing several challenges with a manual RFP process?

Worried about the completeness and correctness of your responses?

Looking for ways to respond to RFPs and questionnaires quickly?

Do you search through files and past proposals for previously written answers?

Do any or all these sound familiar?

RFPs, contracts and due diligence! Just these words alone can spell nightmare for technology service providers, regulated organizations and almost any other businesses. If you've been sending RFPs, drafting contracts or responding to due diligence questionnaires, you're probably feeling the frustration. In this digital age where almost every facet of businesses is optimized, the RFP, contract and due diligence tools remained to be traditional.

Request for Proposal (RFPs) are time-consuming documents created in word processing software, emailed or delivered via courier, then scheduled for follow-up. There’s also the redundant email exchange, collaboration with the team, and managing proposal change. Aside from that, contract reviews and due diligence responses are not only complex but are also time consuming. There seems to be too much delays and stress associated with these documents.

The traditional way of managing proposals and creating responses are tedious chores. It's even difficult to track their statuses, right? Just think about the hours that get wasted.

This is a problem. We agree with that and we understand this reality very well.

But it doesn't have to stay that way.

Fortunately, the solution is using the right technology - that is, to accelerate the client acquisition process. And that’s what we are doing. We know that you deserve an efficient platform that will deliver better quality RFP responses. This platform has to optimize your client acquisition process effectively. One that allows you to complete RFPs, respond to due diligence questionnaires, draft contract, collaborate with team members and gain valuable insights in real time.

Now is the time to streamline your client acquistion process. You can choose to revolutionize your entire client acquisition process - from creation to close, or choose to get stuck in the 1970s.

So if you're ready to take action, then start your Free Trial now!

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