Why us?

Security and compliance due diligence can be overwhelming for service providers delivering services to highly regulated companies. Sales and account managers receive security questionnaires after questionnaires before clients agree to purchase their services. Sales and Account Managers offload these  questionnaires to the Information Security or Technology team to respond. Completing these documents can be time-consuming, inefficient, and overwhelming.

Our CEO was the Information Security Officer for many companies.    Through his own experience, he found it difficult and sometimes nearly impossible to complete these never ending security questionnaires in a timely manner in order to meet client deadlines. This became such a need that it forced him to develop the Kersia platform to simplify the client due diligence, RFP,  and contract completion process.

Request for proposal

Request for Proposal can take weeks to complete due to the variation of topics. Our system will combine all of your subject matter experts’ knowledge into one central library system. These libraries  will be repeatedly used to complete future RFPs, ensuring consistent messaging and response.


Contract reviews are overwhelming, time consuming,  and risky. If it is not done thoroughly and with a good understanding of the business, you may negatively impact the company’s reputation, finance, and legal standings. Deciding what clause to accept requires brains, automation, and experience. Our platform will supply the automation and experience by centralizing your company’s contract knowledge-base into our library system.  

Due Diligence

Due Diligence (DD) questionnaires are sometimes very complex and require multiple subject matter experts to complete. Our platform will store all of your subject matter experts’ past and present responses. In addition, our platform will provide SME libraries to security and compliance questions saving you significant time in crafting responses.


Sometimes you run into trouble and need assistance with security and compliance remediation. Through our platform you can requests security or compliance consulting service.

Centralized Libraries

Having your company’s knowledge centralized is critical in ensuring consistent messaging and rapid response to client questions or concerns. Import your spreadsheet or word document of any layout into our platform.

Security and Compliance Subject Matter Expert Libraries

We know security and compliance are difficult and so we’ve created SME libraries that you can use to assist in quickly crafting your response to regulatory specific questions. Having this knowledgebase available will allow you to quickly re-use responses that have been vetted and reviewed by professionals.  The following libraries are available in our libraries:


  • PCI


Features that scale with your enterprise

Easy and Powerful

You are an expert in word and excel. Why learn somthing new? Use our word and excel -like interface with the power of Google-like search to find the right response in your libraries,  historical documents or our SME libraries.

Project Management

Create a project that adapts with your client acquisition process. Our highly intuitive and flexible interface will speed-up your deliverables.


Easily request team members to review, approve or complete the questions from clients.  Set deadlines and monitor their progress. Send reminders when requests are overdue.

Response Automation

Upload your document and let our platform respond to the questions for you.  


Track all of your tasks and team member requests on our calendar.  Get alerts when tasks are overdue.  

Flex Search

Our flex search allows you to search across projects, documents, questions and answers, and assessments to ensure you have the best response. You will be able to see when, where, and who used, created, and updated the question and answer pairs.  And best of all, how successful they were.

Project Management & Collaboraton simplified

We simplified Kanban, so that everyone can use it effectively.

One place and one way

Manage all of your RFP, contract, due diligence, and other assessments in a single place with a single workflow.

Expert Share

Share specific responses, and documents with team members and clients.  Define expiration date and user access level.  Track recipient behaviors to assess their area of interests.


Groom question and answer pairs on a routine basis with your team members.  Utilize our business intelligence to determine how drastic the change shoud be.


Our platform tracks the performance of each question and answer pair to determine it's effectiveness.  Each question and answer pair will have a degree of confidence metric to help the user decide on the best response.


Reminders are sent to users when projects, requests, and tasks are overdue.  Emails are sent to users when they are assigned tasks or requests.


Users can track and monitor their tasks, and requests. Users can defer assignments, requests, and tasks.

Security & Compliance

Kersia takes the protection and privacy of our clients’ data very seriously.  We have selected an in-depth defense strategy. This strategy promotes the development, maintenance, and upgrade of our layered Information Systems security architecture.


Performance Metrics

Built to help you and your teams increase conversion, engagement, and retention.